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Pacific Western Transportation Group of Companies is Canada’s leading people transportation company. We understand your people transportation needs, and our people have the knowledge and experience to provide you with practical solutions.

Founded in 1957, the Pacific Western Group of Companies is the largest privately-owned people transportation company in Canada. Today, we offer comprehensive transportation services and solutions across the country, with over 5,000 employees and numerous business locations.

Our operations are separated into four divisions: Motorcoach, Employee Transportation, Student Transportation, and Transit.

Our various operations are unified by a company-wide commitment to the Core Values first established by our founder, R.B. Colborne. At the heart of these Core Values is an unwavering dedication to Customer Service and Safety, as supported by our Safely Home brand.

As a full-service transportation company, we have a wide range of services available to our customers.


Electric Bus/Shuttles
In 2018 we introduced ELA, short for Electric Autonomous. Much like the name suggests, ELA is an independent operating transportation system that has the potential to enhance accessibility and co-exist alongside the existing transportation modes we rely on. ELA is a 12 person shuttle that operates at very low speeds. The pilots involve providing short-distance shuttle service, and focus on moving people from transit stops to their final destination.
On-Demand Solutions
Connecting people with varying mobility challenges, On-Demand is the application of transportation where vehicles alter their routes based on particular transport demand rather than using a fixed route or timetable. Vehicles typically pick-up and drop-off passengers in locations according to passenger needs. PWT operates a variety of on-demand transportation services across our different business lines, including Para-transit and Handi-DART services to communities spanning across Canada.
Group Charter Services
Group transportation services are a cornerstone of the company’s passenger services throughout Canada and the United States.
We work with tour operators, corporate clients, and many professional sports teams to provide safe and secure travel. Whether it’s a regularly scheduled game or a championship, we offer teams the perfect solution. Our seamless service begins at the airport, includes hotel and restaurants, and delivers them to their venue on time and ready to compete!
Medical Transfers
The Pacific Western Group of Companies operates a unique medical bus transportation service, providing affordable and convenient access to healthcare services for residents of small communities and rural areas. Northern Health Connections is a highly innovative public sector healthcare partnership, initiated by the Northern Health Authority of British Columbia.
Conventional Transit
For over 50 years, PW Transit Canada has successfully operated local conventional, regional (inter-city), metropolitan, para-transit and custom transit services under contract to municipalities and regional authorities across Canada.
The Pacific Western Group of Companies provides specialized, accessible transportation, typically referred to as Para-transit or Dial-a-Ride service. This service operates specially designed vehicles for members of the community with disabilities or restricted mobility that prevents them from accessing other forms of public transportation. We offer door-to-door service to these individuals to ensure the highest level of safety and service.
Commuter Solutions first/last mile
As an operator and integrator of mobility, the Pacific Western Group of Companies is proud to provide multiple innovative transportation solutions that connect people and communities. There is increasing interest in first, and last mile solutions that focus on the concept of moving people from transit stops to their final destination.
Meetings & Events
Pacific Western Toronto works with DMC’s and Meeting Planners to provide transportation services such as planning, scheduling, traffic services, staffing, and successful execution of transportation requirements. The Pacific Western Group of Companies has utilized its expertise to manage and conduct transportation operations for several large events and significant global gatherings, such as the Pan Am Games, G8 & G20 (Economic Summit Meetings) and the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference; handling passenger transportation for over 15,000 attendees. Our group of companies is recognized as the go-to passenger transportation provider for many North American and European professional sports teams.
Inter-City Transportation
The Pacific Western Group of Companies has provided inter-city motorcoach passenger services for over 35 years. Our flagship brand, Red Arrow Motorcoach, operates specially designed luxury coaches that feature 36 business class reclining seats, privacy row seating, remarkable amenities and complimentary services that include: Wi-Fi, 110 Volt power outlets, fold-down tables, satellite and local radio, movies and onboard refreshments and snacks.
Employee Shuttles
Employee Transportation is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution. It can reduce time loss, eliminate on-site parking issues, and increase productivity. It is easier to attract and retain workers from a larger area when offering employer-provided transportation. Our Employee Transportation Services are focused on providing safety, reliability, and value to our customers. We utilize motorcoaches, specialized industrial buses, or shuttle style buses that ensure your workers arrive at the site safely and on time.
Business Park Shuttles
The Pacific Western Group of Companies operates business park shuttles which provide transportation for employees within larger business complexes. Whether small or large groups, we have the vehicles in our fleet to fit your unique needs.
Site Transportation
Our industrial site services transportation provides support to numerous industries such as energy, mining, petrochemical, and construction project worksites. Our on-site services provide a safe environment for anyone travelling to various areas of a site, thus eliminating the need to walk through active and congested construction areas. We work with you to design on demand and transit-style transportation services, as well as communications protocols.

Book your Bubble

Pacific Western offers safe and reliable quality ground transportation solutions and we’re a perfect solution for you to be able to travel with your cohorts, even during the pandemic. Our diverse fleet of highway motorcoaches, mini-coaches, and school buses can accommodate groups of all sizes. Whether it’s a family get together, your cohort that wants to go skiing, or a group of employees that need a safe and socially distanced travel option together. Pacific Western has the experience and resources to meet your group’s requirements.

With extensive knowledge of Ontario routes and courteous, experienced staff, we can ensure you that your group is moved safely, efficiently and punctually and that all of your transportation needs are met.

We were the provider of choice for the NHL when Toronto was the hub city, and we’re happy to work with you on a safe and customized itinerary to wherever you need to go in the GTA or beyond.