Safety has always been the cornerstone of our operation. As heightened awareness regarding Safety and Risk Management becomes more and more critical, Pacific Western is proud of our leadership role in this area. Upon being hit with the COVID-19 pandemic, we swiftly responded; immediately implementing enhanced protocols and procedures as it related to cleaning, social distancing, and protecting our staff and passengers. This resulted in the development of our industry-leading Safely Clean program.

From being the first in the industry to have our entire motorcoach fleet outfitted with seat belts, to developing unique training programs that ensure driver safety and maintaining a higher safety standard amongst our workgroup, we are confident that our commitment to safety is strong and that we can continue to be a leader. Safely Home represents our deepest commitment to Safety and is the ultimate promise Pacific Western Toronto makes to each other, to the communities where we operate, and to the customers and employees that we value deeply.



Safety is not limited to just driver safety. We have instilled a safety culture at all levels within our organization, from mechanics to office staff. By doing so, safety becomes the forefront of everyone’s consciousness and is never neglected.

Adoption of our safety values by all employees
Reduction of risk to the lowest possible level
Reduce vehicle accident frequency and severity
Continuous improvement in all safety-related aspects
Prevention of harm to people, property and the environment
Provision of the safest possible work environment for our employees, customers and the general public


We have been delivering, developing and continually evolving our Driver training programs since 1989. Our established training programs are conducted by our Facilitators, Safety and Development under the guidance of the Director, Safety and Compliance. Each session has fully accredited and professional Driver Trainers will the necessary credentials that allow for the delivery of all training program components in-house. Detailed lesson plans have been developed and are utilized for all of our operations.

  • Our dedicated Driver Development department is responsible for evaluating data, developing, recommending, and enforcing strategies that contribute to a safer environment
  • Our Driver Development strategies are designed to focus on the outcome over the process through education, promotion of safety awareness, the establishment of effective policies and procedures and continuous monitoring


Focused committees are charged with the responsibility of mandating, implementing and monitoring aspects of our Safety Management Plan specific to employee, customer and environment safety and accident trend analysis, reduction strategies and safety initiatives.

  • Accident Review Committee – responsible for managing accident/ incident levels and achievement of established safety goals. The committee focuses on the review and analysis of accidents, identification of trends and implementation of corrective actions and preventative procedures
  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee – responsible for ensuring compliance under the Federal Code. The committee focuses on the identification and correction of safety concerns in the workplace environment


Pacific Western Toronto has developed Safety programs and procedures that are constantly being reviewed and updated for industry-leading practices.

  • Established Safety Management Plan
  • Training programs include a proven process of initial training, additional training, evaluation, monitoring and corrective action ensures the provision of the safest service
  • Commitment to passenger safety is paramount, as such, all of our motorcoaches are fitted with seat belts. This initiative has resulted in our company being the first motorcoach company in Ontario to have seat restraints available on our entire fleet
  • Automated internal safety and reporting system that monitors and tracks all aspects of employee performance
  • Continual monitoring of equipment through global positioning systems and automated vehicle locator provides further safety enhancements
  • Standard Operating Procedures specifically developed to govern the safety of our employees and vehicles




Our drivers are amongst the most skilled in the industry; not only in their driving and safety expertise, but their personality itself is geared towards customer service. Driver selection is rigorous and thorough.

  • All Driving Staff hold a B License which involves a Criminal Background Check
  • Annual evaluation of driver’s technical skills and customer service skills
  • All Drivers are enrolled in a random Drug and Alcohol Testing Program
  • Mandatory Defensive Driving, Para-Transit and Sensitivity courses are delivered to all drivers
  • Continuing Operator Education Program – on a monthly basis our drivers participate in awareness meetings. This modular approach includes a review of various driver safety topics
  • PWT currently retains a third-party service provider to complete pre-employment background checks on all potential new hires. This comprehensive program provides a Criminal Record Check, professional and personal reference checks which aid in the selection of employees