Winners Circle: Safe Driving and Award Winning Customer Service

Pacific Western Toronto is proud to recognize every one of our deserving award recipients. All of our employees, have it be drivers, customer service representatives or office and support staff are integral components of our success. Their everlasting commitment to safe driving and passion for providing high quality customer service makes them invaluable members of Pacific Western Toronto. We thank them for their significant contributions and congratulate them on their awards.

These awards are a testament to PWT’s commitment to safety and continuous service improvement. On behalf of everyone at Pacific Western Toronto, I would like to congratulate each recipient on their awards and thank them for their significant contributions.
Matthew Cox | VP Motorcoach, PWT Group of Companies


The Driver Excellence is the longest standing award presented by OMCA for professional drivers in the Canadian motorcoach industry. It highlights driver excellence in many different areas over the period of a year, but specifically with regard to safety and customer service. It is presented annually at the Awards Banquet during the OMCA Annual Conference in November.
Marian StringerMartin SuttonRob PiperByron BakerBrett WileStu PritchardStan BuzdonDouglas DoyleSjef BasemansLes SzeltnerSteve Sanford
Marian Stringer
2018 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Marian Stringer, Driver
Martin Sutton
2017 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Martin Sutton, Driver
Rob Piper
2015 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Rob Piper, Driver
Byron Baker
2013 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Byron Baker, Driver
Brett Wile
2012 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Brett Wile, Driver
Stu Pritchard
2011 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Stu Pritchard, Driver
Stan Buzdon
2008 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Stan Buzdon, Driver
Douglas Doyle
2007 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Douglas Doyle, Driver
Sjef Basemans
2006 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Sjef Basemans, Driver
Les Szeltner
2004 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Les Szeltner, Driver
Steve Sanford
1997-98 OMCA Driver Excellence Award
Steve Sanford, Driver


The Employee Excellence Award recognizes any employee (e.g. mechanic, bus washer, driver, dispatcher, receptionist, office staff, tour coordinator, etc.) from any Bus Operator or Tour Operator member of OMCA who has provided outstanding performance to their employer and has a superior attitude and demeanor in providing customer service, over the period of the last year.
Laura ValenteHysen Kolimja Lou BijelicCarol MurrayTiina VallikGaymore AndersonRamesh RamdialPatty PattisonFred Wachta
Laura Valente
2018 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Laura Valente
Hysen Kolimja
2017 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Hysen Kolimja
Lou Bijelic
2016 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Lou Bijelic, Driver
Carol Murray
2014 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Carol Murray, Account Manager
Tiina Vallik
2009 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Tiina Vallik, Sales Supervisor
Gaymore Anderson
2008 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Gaymore Anderson, Driver
Ramesh Ramdial
2006 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Ramesh Ramdial, Customer Service
Patty Pattison
2000 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Patty Pattison, Director of Sales and Marketing
Fred Wachta
1999 OMCA Employee Excellence Award
Fred Wachta, Driver


The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes those individuals who have dedicated an outstanding amount of time and effort to the motorcoach industry, and in particular, to OMCA. This is not an annual award, but presented on an occasional basis as deemed appropriate.
2011 OMCA Lifetime Achievement Award
Terry Spark, Director of Safety & Development
2001 OMCA Lifetime Achievement Award
Clare Hannah, Operator


In order to recognize superior performance and quality of service extended to guests of Scenic Tours, they offer Driver of the Year Award. In order to qualify for this award, Drivers must have driven a minimum of 4 over the road tours during the 2012 summer season. These 4 tours must have included a minimum of 4 over the road days.
2015 Scenic Tours Driver of The Year
Gaymore Anderson, Driver
2012 Scenic Tours Driver of The Year
Marina Travlou, Driver


The R.B Colborne Award of Excellence recognizes and celebrates employees who have made a significant contribution through a commitment to our Core Values — the same Core Values first instilled by Pacific Western company founder Bob Colborne.
2016 R.B Colborne Award of Excellence
Mark Wright, Duty Manager
2012 R.B Colborne Award of Excellence
Iona Sedore, Driver
2001 R.B Colborne Award of Excellence
Marlene Boyle, Facilitator, Training


Presented by the Ontario Minister of Transportation the recipient of this award symbolizes commitment to his/her profession. This commitment could manifest itself in various forms: on-road safety records, letters of recommendation commenting on the work ethic/customer service, community service, etc. These attributes are to be exhibited over time.
1999 National Transportation Driver of the Year Award
Pat Harrington, Driver


Presented by the Ontario Minister of Transportation the recipient of this award has dedicated at least 30 successful years to transportation.
Iona SedoreRob PiperChuck Saulnier
Iona Sedore
2005 National Transportation Lifetime Achievement Award
Iona Sedore, Driver
Rob Piper
2005 National Transportation Lifetime Achievement Award
Rob Piper, Driver
Chuck Saulnier
2004 National Transportation Lifetime Achievement Award
Chuck Saulnier, Driver