The Original Mobile Advertising
Understanding the importance of brand recognition, Pacific Western has developed a program that provides our customers with the unique opportunity to utilize our vehicles to advertise their message. Leveraging the impact and reach of mobile advertising clients can capture a diverse group of prospective customers. From simple banner advertising to full bus wraps, there are a myriad of bus wrap options available.

All vehicles operate within the Toronto to Niagara corridor, with additional exposure in the Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City regions. What better way for thousands of people to see your moving billboard, every day!

Half Wrap
Half Wrap Bus Wrap Advertising Option
Queen Kong
Queen Kong Bus Wrap Advertising Option
Partial Ribbon
Partial Ribbon Bus Wrap Advertising Option
Side Decal
Side Decal Bus Wrap Advertising Option
Back Cap
Back Cap Bus Wrap Advertising Option
Wrap specifications
  • Produced on opaque temporary film;
  • Window film is perforated / see through;
  • All vinyl (wrap) applications are considered temporary and will remain on the vehicle for only the specified time as agreed with our sales department;
  • Production lead time based on installation due date is 15 working days starting the day files are uploaded on our FTP site, reviewed and approved by our Digital Spec technicians
Installation & removal specifications
  • Client must pay for vehicle downtime for installation of graphic. Vehicle downtime on Full Wrap model would be 2 days;
  • Client must pay for vehicle downtime for removal of graphic. Vehicle downtime for a Full Wrap model would be 1 day;
  • Removal must be performed within 1 year of original application to avoid additional charge;
Administrative specifications
  • Contract & terms must be signed by customer and faxed;
  • Full prepayment including taxes (where applicable) and shipping will be due prior to any scheduled work;
Pricing specifications
  • Prices are based on a single unit production.
  • Items included in the price: Printing, Installation and removal after project;
  • Items NOT included in the price:
      Applicable tax(s);
      Shipping & handling;
      Templates to build design with; sold @ 250.00$ each;
      Design creation and file adjustments; will be charged separately @ 125.00$ per hour;
      Pictures if provided by the printer;
      Cleaning of the coach prior to installation;
    1. Removal of existing graphics prior to wrap installation;
    1. If installation must be performed during a Holiday or weekend, an extra charge may apply;
Specifications for RUSH project
  • If the project must be printed, expedited, and installed outside the standard lead time of 15 working days, an extra RUSH PROJECT charge of 500.00$ will apply;
  • Extra charge for installation may also apply due to last minute scheduling and crew availability;
  • Double time rate may apply for design creation and file adjustments performed outside normal business hours;
Submitting files
For complete instructions on how to submit files, please consult your Sales Representative.