Group Airport Arrival Process


Arrivals at Pearson (YYZ) may land at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3.
When your group arrives at Terminal 1, have them proceed to the pre-arranged booth at post B-3, located just outside Door ‘B’ on the arrivals level.
For Terminal 3, the group should go directly to the Arrivals level, curbside, and locate the pre-arranged booth outside the door.

When arriving at the prearranged booth, the Commissionaire will request the following information:

  • Bus Company Name
  • Charter Number
  • Bus #
  • Group Name
  • GTAA Permit Number


Based on the information provided, the Commissionaire will check to see if the bus has checked into our Pre-arranged commercial holding area. Once confirmed that the bus has checked in, the Commissionaire will advise you on the location the bus is to meet the group for pickup.

  • For Terminal 1, after the Group contacts the Commissionaire at the Arrivals Level, the group will move to the Ground Transportation Level (Below the Arrivals level). Pickups are usually at post “P3”, but the Post number varies based on time, and the traffic volume on ground level, etc.
  • For Terminal 3, the pickup is on the Arrivals Level, usually Post # 18.


If you run into any troubles at the airport, please call our Duty Manager for assistance at:
Local: 905.564.3232, Ext 220
Toll-Free: 1.800.387.6787, Ext 220